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Missing Child Alert: Alicia Moore

Alicia Moore

Alicia Moore

Police in Greenville, Texas, have announced that they are searching for a missing teen, Alicia Moore, 16, who has been missing since November 2, 2012. Alicia was last seen getting off the school bus that Friday afternoon at the corner of at the corner of Bourland and Walnut streets.

Alicia is about 5-feet 1-inch tall and weighs 97 pounds. She has medium length black hair, black eyes, and wears braces. She was last seen wearing white shirt with a black undershirt, a green jacket, pink headband and black glasses, earrings and a necklace. She was carrying an orange backpack, with the initials “SFA,” and black straps .

Anyone with any information about Alicia Moore and her whereabouts is urged to call the Greenville Police department at 903-457-2900.

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