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Shoplifters Wreak Havoc for One Case of Beer

Two unidentified Texas men were apparently hell-bent on getting a case of beer, but not so much so that they were actually going to pay the $25 for it. Instead they stole the case of beer and ran out of the store, nearly knocking over Sixto Salinas and his daughter, 18. According to witnesses, the shoplifters did knock over a customer before struggling with the clerk. They then made their getaway in a red Chevy pickup. Salinas decided to get their license plate number, but when he couldn’t make it out he and his daughter decided to pursue in their brand-new Nissan, and get the plate number.

Here’s where it just gets weird. When the beer thieves realized that they were being followed, not unlike cornered animals, they went on the offensive. They hit the brakes, slammed the truck into reverse and rammed the Nissan head on. The car sustained $5,000 worth of damages, who knows how much damage they did to their truck. Salinas and the daughter stepped out of the car, still hoping to get the plate number, when, amazingly, the driver again gunned the engine in reverse and tried to run them over. Luckily Salinas hadn’t crashed the party unprepared. He pulled out a handgun and squeezed off a shot at the truck. The driver sped off with his ill-gotten booty. No word on what kind of beer it was.

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