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Teen Dad Accused of Trying to Kill Baby With Rum

Cesar Ruiz, 19. Police photo.

A 19-year-old Louisiana father is behind bars, charged with attempted first-degree murder after his infant son was found to have three times the legal blood alcohol limit. The 2-month-old boy was being treated in the NICU at Ochsner Hospital in Belle Chasse, when Cesar Ruiz allegedly gave the baby a feeding tube filled with Bacardi Silver Rum. The alleged incident occurred when the child’s mother was out of the room.

Police say Ruiz initially denied dosing the baby with rum, but then allegedly admitted that he wanted to help ease the ailing baby’s suffering, not kill him. Police say he took a feeding tube from the hospital and brought it home, where he put rum in it and then brought it back to the hospital. The baby had been hospitalized for two weeks with respiratory problems and was due for surgery.

The baby reportedly had seizures as a result of the rum, but was stabilized.

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