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Confessed Perv, 61, Plans to Turn the Tables on Victim, 7

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Map of England with Hartlepool locator. Click map to enlarge view.


John Thompson of Hartlepool, England, pleaded guilty in July 2012, to charges of sexual assault on a child, 7. In an apparent effort to mitigate the circumstances, Thompson told the court that the child had actually instigated the attack by “flirting with him,” pinning him to a bed and forcing her tongue into his mouth, “I knew it was wrong,” he reportedly said in a police interview, “but somehow our mouths became open. I could not push her off.” He admitted in court to having kissed the girl under duress. Child protection officials called his claims outrageous, and children’s charity Kidscape released a statement saying, “It is absolutely unacceptable for a 61-year-old man to claim that a 7-year-old girl made sexual advances to him that he could not prevent.” The judge, however found Thompson to be a man of good character, and sentenced him to a suspended sentence of eight months, supervision, a ban on contact with children under 16, and mandatory treatment to stay out of jail.

Thompson reportedly started failing in his mandatory treatment with a month, due to basically having a really bad attitude. Prosecutor Nigel Soppitt told the court that, according to the probation service, Thompson’s attitude was so bad that the treatment order would not be workable. The sentencing judge, Gillian Matthews, reminded Thompson that if he failed at treatment he would go to jail, and, in a jaw-dropping stunner, Thompson stated that not only was he totally innocent, but that he had pleaded guilty due to bad legal advice, and that he was going to sue the victim for ever making the allegation. The judge will review the case and, presumably, issue a ruling in a month.

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