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Gary Glitter Arrested, Again

Gary Glitter, 1972

Gary Glitter, 1972

British rocker Gary Glitter, famous for his hit song Rock and Roll Part Two, has been arrested in connection with Operation Yewtree, an investigation into the pedophile activity of late BBC TV and radio star Jimmy Savile, who died at 84 in October 2011. It seems there were always rumors about sexual abuse of young girls while Savile was alive, but in October 2012, a documentary about the abuse allegations sparked a firestorm of abuse claims from living victims. Investigators may have uncovered as many as 300 cases of child sexual abuse dating back three dacades, not all linked directly to Savile, but also to some others that may have been connected with him.

Disgraced rocker Gary Glitter, 68, who was arrested on October 28, may be one of those others. Glitter has already served time in the UK for possession of child porn. In 1997 the laptop that he dropped off for repair was found to have images of child porn on it, and in 1999 he was sentenced to four months in jail for the crime. He moved to Cambodia in 2002, where he lived until he was deported to Vietnam for suspected child sexual abuse. In 2006 Glitter was convicted of child sexual abuse in Vietnam and sentenced to three months. He moved back to England after Thailand and Hong Kong refused him entry.

Questions being raised by the staggering number of known victims, which is only expected to increase, raises the question of whether Savile was at the center of a larger pedophile ring. The media is also starting to ask how many people at the BBC who could have stopped the abuse turned a blind eye on Savile’s behavior.

Though it is no longer possible to try Savile for his alleged crimes, investigators seem more concerned with closure for the victims whose abusers are still alive. Brian Paddick, the former Met deputy assistant commissioner said: “The approach will be victim-centered. Some people will not want to go to trial, some will. It is about the outcome victims want. You can’t have a criminal inquiry into someone who is dead. What they are primarily looking for is, are there others who are living who are involved.”

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