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Man Accused of Beating Father Over Missed Dinner

Mark Mathew Morin

Mark Matthew Morin

In a surprise visit to his father, Edward Morin, 78, on October 23, 2012, Mark Matthew Morin, 53, of Pasco County, Florida, arrived and asked him when the pot roast dinner in the oven would be ready. The father told his son that he had missed the meal, which must have been the wrong thing to say, because the son reportedly head butted his father in the chest several times, punched him in the chest, where the father has a defibrillator under the skin, and grabbed him by the arms throwing him into a chair. After several minutes the father got up and started sweeping, which must have been the wrong thing to do, because the son allegedly grabbed the broom away from him and started poking him with it, again in the chest. Edward Morin informed his son that he was calling 911, at which point Mark Morin left and sped off on his bike. Pasco County deputies caught up with him the next morning and arrested him for battery on a person over 65. It seems that the younger Morin has been arrested before on charges of fugitive from justice once in 2009, trespassing twice in 2012, trespass after warning once in 2012, and aggravated battery , now twice, in 2012.

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