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Cute Coed Shot for Trespassing Pleads Guilty

Zoey Ripple

Zoey Ripple, 21. Photo:

Zoey Ripple, 21, the charming young woman who was so impaired on May 23, 2012, that she entered a stranger’s home on a fenced lot, in a remote part of town, on a hill, at the end of a remote, steep driveway, entered a darkened bedroom via the sliding door, and didn’t hear the terrified homeowners shouting at her to leave. She most definitely did not hear Doreen Orion tell her husband, Timothy Justice, to “get the gun,” but when he shot her in the hip, Ripple did manage a call to a friend on her cell phone to say that she had just been shot. Orion called 911. Ripple was arrested and charged with criminal trespassing. The homeowners were not charged.

That night Ripple’s blood alcohol level was at .2, but her attorney argued that she may have been dosed with a date rape drug at the party she attended that night. Ripple was facing as many as five years behind bars for trespassing, but in a deal worked out by her lawyer, she pleaded guilty On October 24 to first-degree criminal trespassing, but will not have to serve jail time. Instead prosecutors agreed to a deferred sentence: If Ripple can stay sober and out of trouble for 18 months, her record will be expunged; if not, she will be sentenced to as many as five years. Ripple has reportedly attended a substance abuse class, and has not had a drink since that night.

Cute Drunk Coed Enters Wrong House, Gets Shot

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