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List of Ways to Get Away With Rape is Not Protected Speech, Say Prosecutors

Two male students at Miami University in Ohio may be facing charges for hanging up a flier titled “Top Ten Ways to Get Away With Rape” in their residence hall. According to resident advisor Matthew Dwyer, a sanctioned “Top Ten Ways to Prevent Rape” disappeared from McBride Hall on October 8, and was later replaced with the new flyer, seen below, which gives detailed instructions on how to successfully rape a woman. The flyer, a tasteless satire of the rape prevention poster commonly found in University hallways, included such pieces of advice as, “if your afraid the girl will identify you slit her throat” and “RAPE RAPE RAPE, its college boys live it up!! (sic)”

According to Miami University Police Chief John McCandless, charges may be filed against the two students accused of hanging up the offensive flyer: “We will present our findings to the Butler County Prosecutor’s office and they will determine what the appropriate charges will be.” The Dayton Daily News reports that Butler County prosecutors have determined that the flyer does not fall under constitutionally protected speech. University officials have said the school intends to discipline the students. The students may be evicted from the residence hall, required to complete educational programs, or suspended.

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