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Teen Indicted in 14-Year-Old’s Stabbing Death

Autumn Wood, 17. Police photo.

A 17-year-old Alabama girl has been indicted on murder charges after police say she stabbed to death another girl, 14, in March. According to authorities, a group of approximately 20 teens were having a party at a house with no parents present when a fight broke out between four girls. The fight worked its way into the kitchen where police say Autumn Wood grabbed a knife and stabbed Brooklyn Hollins, who died at the scene.

Wood was gone when police arrived but turned herself in later and was charged with murder as an adult. According to testimony heard at a preliminary hearing in June, there was alcohol at the party. Witnesses said the fight was started by a friend of Hollins and a friend of Wood, and the two young women came to their friends’ defense.

Since being charged, Wood has remained free onĀ $50,000 bail. If convicted, she faces 10 years to life in prison.

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