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Investigators Confirm Ridgeway Murder and Lake Attack Are Connected

Jessica Ridgeway

Jessica Ridgeway

Investigators in the Jessica Ridgeway case have confirmed a that the murder case of the abducted ten year old, and an attemptedĀ abduction at Ketner Lake in May 2012 are linked, but have not yet released details of the investigation. Police reported early on in the search that they had found a backpack and water bottle believed to have belonged to Jessica. What was not released at that time was that the back pack contained most of her clothes, and when tested, revealed the presence of a man’s DNA. Now police in Westminster are saying that there is a definitive link between the two cases, but, to protect the investigation, are not confirming whether or not the link is a DNA link. According to Investigator Trevor Materasso, “We’re limited beyond that to talk in detail or give specifics on how those two connections are made.” Police never announced having collected DNA at the abduction attempt at Ketner Lake, which is about a mile from the site of Jessica’s abduction. They are, however, going door to door in Jessica’s neighborhood taking DNA samples.

Disturbingly, another abduction attempt on a girl, 8, who was waiting for a school bus, occurred around 8:30 a.m. October 22 in Aurora, Colorado. The girl was approached by a green vehicle that resembled a Jeep, and was told to get inside. The vehicle was driven by a black male in his 40s wearing a black shirt and green ball cap, and a white male passenger. The girl ran to a group of friends and the two men drove off. A neighbor told police that a vehicle fitting that description was seen in the vicinity of the bus stop several times in recent weeks. It was driven by a white male, who the witness thought was watching the children. He was described as 35 to40 years old, with brown hair, between five-feet eight inches and six feet tall, with or without a beard. Police are examining all missing child cases and abduction cases in the area, and do not believe that this case is connected to Jessica’s. They have also determined that a receipt for garbage bags is not connected, and are investigating a “clump of hair” that was found in a field and collected for testing.

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