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Update: Teen Dies in Prank Gone Awry

Jesse Rainey

Jesse Rainey

According to police in Tuscumbia, Alabama, a group of about eight teenagers was staying over at the home of Jesse Rainey, 15, for a weekend of unsupervised teen fun. As kids will do, they decided to play a trick on one of their group. First Jesse hid in a closet, then they kicked off the prank by cutting off the power at the breaker, and plunging the home into darkness. The plan was for Jesse to jump out and scare the unnamed, unsuspecting butt of this joke. The joke, however, was on Jesse, because when he jumped out of the closet, the other child pulled out a gun and shot him in the head. Jesse was rushed to Children’s Hospital in Birmingham where he remains in critical condition. The police are investigating the incident as a prank.

Update: On October 19, 2012, Jesse Rainey was taken off life support and died. The case will be presented to a grand jury to determine if charges are warranted.

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