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Victim: Bigfoot Attacked My Winnebago

John Reed

John Reed

October 19, 2012, Pennsylvania state police responded to a call from John Reed, who was reporting an attack on his 1973 Dodge Winnebago by Bigfoot. According to a police press release, the incident occurred sometime between September 15 and October 12, 2012, after Reed had spotted a Sasquatch outside his motorhome. When Reed turned on the Winnebago’s exterior lights it was pelted with a hail of rocks thrown by Bigfoot. Police believe that the suspect threw rocks to “prevent discovery.” The suspect is being described by police as “very large, brown in color, and walks somewhat hunched over.” Reed could not tell if the vandal was hairy or not.

The Smoking Gun reports that Reed is a Sasquatch hunter, and a member of the Lykens Valley Sasquatch Hunters. His Facebook page relates incidents of rock throwing in conjunction with his Winnebago, aka ¬†”the dog house.”

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