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Police Explore Link Between Jessica Ridgeway Murder and Attempted May Abduction

Jessica Ridgeway

Jessica Ridgeway

The Westminster Police Department has announced that it is exploring the possibility of a connection between the abduction and murder of Colorado girl Jessica Ridgeway, 10, and an attempted abduction of a woman, 22, at Ketner Lake in May 2012. According to Westminster Police Spokesman Trevor Materasso, “It’s not very far from where Jessica was abducted.” Police believe that the close proximity, about a mile, and time frame of the incidents may yield similar clues in the two cases. Materasso continued, “We want to look at those two characteristics and see if anybody has information they could provide.” The young woman told police that her abductor jumped her from behind while she was jogging, and put a rag over her face that had a strong chemical smell. Profiler Clint Van Zandt added, “There’s always the possibility that because he failed in his attempt to kidnap an adult woman he may have gone to someone he felt more in control of, and that’s a younger child.” Police have released a description of the assailant at the lake: He is a light-skinned male; he could be as young as 18 to anywhere into his 30′s, and may have been wearing a ball cap that made him look that age; he has brown hair, a medium build, and is around 5′ 6″ to 5′ 8.” Another such incident occurred at the same lake in 2010. Investigators are reportedly examining all the attempted abduction in the area for connections to the Ridgeway case.

Anyone with any information should call the Westminster Police Department tip center at 303-658-4336 or email to:

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