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Online Impostor Doc Prescribes Sexual Healing, Marriage

Angela Buchanan

Angela Buchanan

Angela Buchanan, 30, of Lufkin, Texas, was arrested on October 15, 2012, after a woman, 51, who had been tricked into having sex with and marrying Buchanan turned her in to police. Buchanan reportedly had a longtime friendship with the woman and had developed a thing for her. According to the affidavit, after several attempts to initiate a relationship with the woman failed, she tricked her into thinking that she had breast cancer, and then, posing as a local gynecologist called “Doc,” said that the only thing that could save her was regular sex with, of course, the victim. Wanting to help her friend, the victim relented and started having regular sex with Buchanan as part of a treatment schedule set up by “Doc.”

At one point the victim helped Buchanan through a purported mastectomy, which actually turned out to have been a breast augmentation. She asked the doctor in person about the mastectomy and the cancer, and he told her he had no knowledge of it. Later, when she again asked “Doc” about it online, he replied that the surgery was done “under the table,” and that he couldn’t speak openly in the waiting room because there were cameras. The victim bought it.

Buchanan also allegedly invented a pregnancy, twins, and a custody battle to lure her victim into a same-sex marriage state to tie the knot so she would not lose custody of her nonexistent children. With enough pressure via emails from “Doc” and Buchanan, the victim relented, and they traveled to Massachusetts where they were married in August.

Though the victim never really seemed to have questioned her situation, her daughter was suspicious, suggesting to her mother that Buchanan and “Doc” were the same person. Further investigation on the part of both daughter and victim convinced her that she’d been had by Buchanan.

According to police, Buchanan confessed to the ruse, saying that she had made up the whole thing in order to have a relationship with her victim. Buchanan in charged with online impersonation and faces up to a year in jail and a possible $4000 fine.

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