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Grandmother Accused of Running Toddler Over With SUV

Rebecca Jane Elrod, 52. Police photo.

A 52-year-old grandmother was allegedly under the influence of prescription pills when police say she fatally ran over her 2-year-old grandson Brayden Lucas Daniel with a Ford Explorer. Rebecca Jane Elrod of Albertville, Ala., was charged with charged with criminally negligent homicide Friday. The boy died Wednesday at a hospital. According to Albertville police Assistant Chief Jamie Smith, ”As a result of the investigation, it was uncovered and probable cause was developed that Ms. Elrod was under the influence of some type of prescription medication at the time of the accident.”

According to records, Elrod has previously been arrested three times for driving under the influence, but each time the charges were dropped. After DUI arrests in 2003 and 2007,  Elrod attended court-ordered programs. Charges stemming from a 2011 arrest were dropped “with conditions,” but the conditions have not been released. Elrod remains in Albertville City Jail without bond.

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