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Mom Charged in Death of Disabled Daughter

Cynara Aimee Ali. Handout photo.

A Toronto mother is facing a first-degree murder charge for the Feb. 21, 2011, death of her 16-year-old daughter Cynara Ali. Mother Cindy Ann Sherry Ali initially told police that two armed men with Jamaican accents broke into her home in search of a package. Ali said one man stayed with her daughter while she was forced to help the other man rummage through her house. Cynara, who has cerebral palsy, was brought to a hospital unconscious following a 911 call and died two days later.

Police did not buy Ali’s home invasion story and she was charged with manslaughter and other charges, including criminal negligence. Now, more than a year and half since her daughter’s death, charges against Ali have been upgraded to first-degree murder. Ali’s husband spoke out in defense of his wife, telling the Toronto Sun,”Whatever comes out in the media is a one-sided argument. Let’s not forget that in the past there has been cases where mothers have been convicted and they’ve had to rescind all these charges. I believe my wife is innocent.”

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