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Investigators Continue the Search for Jessica Ridgeway’s Killer

Jessica Ridgeway memorial flyer

Jessica Ridgeway memorial flyer

Sadly the body found on October 11 near a culvert in Pattridge Park in Arvada, Colorado, turned out to be Jessica’s. It was not immediately identifiable because it had reportedly been dismembered. Police recovered what they could, but parts are still missing. Cause of death has not yet been determined, pending blood work and chemical test results, which could take some time.

The memorial for Jessica Ridgeway, held on October 16, 2012, was attended by more than 2000 people, including family, friends, neighbors and law enforcement. Police weren’t there just to honor Jessica’s memory, but, believing that the killer is a local who has been following the case closely, they were also keeping a look out in case he was drawn to the memorial, “Whoever is responsible for that young girl’s death could even show up at that ceremony,” said former FBI profiler Clint Van Zandt.

The search for Jessica has ended, but according to Westminster Police Chief Lee Birk, police continue the search for her killer, “tirelessly, diligently, and we are committed until we achieve justice for Jessica.”┬áLocal residents are being told to be alert, to keep their children close, and call in any leads to police, “You’re dealing with a mentally deranged person,” said Former FBI Colorado Special Agent in Charge Bob Pence, “The Denver area public needs to be concerned, not panicked.” Police have received over 4,000 tips so far and every tip has the potential to be the one to solve the case.

If you suspect anything, no matter how insignificant you think it may be, you’re asked to call 303-658-4336.

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