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Middle Schooler Charged With Killing Great-Grandma to Undergo Competency Exam

Nathan Paape, 13, left; Antonio Barbeau, 13, right. Photp: Sheboygan Falls police.

A 13-year-old Wisconsin boy accused of bludgeoning to death his great-grandmother will undergo a competency hearing. Antonio Barbeau’s attorney requested the hearing, and a judge granted the request Monday.

According to a criminal complaint, Barbeau and his friend Nathan Paape, also 13, used the blunt end of a hatchet to kill 78-year-old Barbara J. Olson in her home. Sheboygan Falls police say the boys then stole a purse, jewelry and coins before stealing Olson’s gold Buick and driving to a nearby restaurant for pizza. A neighbor told police that he saw the Buick leaving Olson’s driveway and thought that the way it was driven was uncharacteristic of an elderly woman. According to the complaint, Barbeau and Paape left the jewelry and money exposed on the rear seat of the car, “hoping someone would steal the car and get blamed for the death.”

Police searched the vehicle and allegedly discovered a bloody blanket, a hatchet and a hammer in the trunk. In Barbeau’s locker at a juvenile detention center where he had been sent for unrelated reasons, police say they found blood-spattered shoes. The complaint states that Nathan Paape described the details of the killing to police. While Barbeau was reluctant to talk at first, police say he admitted to killing and robbing Olson in an account that matched Paape’s.

Both boys are charged as adults with first degree intentional homicide. They face life in prison if convicted. Paape’s attorney has not filed a motion for a competency hearing.

Read the criminal complaint below.

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