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Lawsuit: Boss Hacked Temp’s Phone, Publicly Ridiculed Nude Pics of his Fiancée

Harris County, Texas, man Jonathan Bruns is seeking unspecified damages against Deepwater Corrosion Services for an alleged offense that occurred when he was assigned there as a temp by the Link staffing agency. According to the plaintiff, when he arrived at work he asked the supervisor, Pete Offenhauser, if he could use an office outlet to recharge his cell phone. He received permission, plugged in his phone, but after he left to start his work, the supervisor hacked his phone, “Unbeknownst to Mr. Bruns, and after he had returned to his usual job duties and responsibilities, Mr. Offenhauser accessed certain private material on Mr. Bruns’ cell phone and displayed the same on his laptop computer, specifically pictures of Mr. Bruns’ fiancée … without any clothing.”

It gets worse from there.

The boss then showed the nude photos of the  fiancée to everyone in the office, “If this egregious invasion of Mr. Bruns’ privacy was not offensive enough, Mr. Offenhauser made an unwarranted public disclosure of the pictures by showing them to other employees and supervisors in his work area.” When Bruns returned to that area, he was greeted with laughter and jeering, including unsolicited, offensive comments, from all, including Offenhauser, who allegedly said, “It’s a good thing she shaves.” As usually happens in such cases, Bruns complained to the HR department and was fired, he told the temp agency, and they fired him too, allegedly for harassing their customers.

Bruns and his fiancée are suing Deepwater Corrosion Services for invasion of privacy.

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