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Dumb Criminal Allegedly Steals Car, Taunts Owner, Crashes

A driver demonstrates doughnuts, Damian Gingerich (inset)

A driver demonstrates doughnuts, Damian Gingerich (inset)

Broward man Damian Gingerich, 30, thought he saw the perfect opportunity to snag a car when he saw that Shayla Marie Briggs had left her unlocked vehicle idling in front of a grocery store. Briggs returned from her shopping just in time to see Gingerich about to take off in her car. Just to be cool, he reportedly smiled at her, and did a few doughnuts before speeding off in his new toy. That was his sole moment of coolness, and it was quickly over.

Briggs jumped into a red pickup piloted by a fellow shopper, called police and gave chase. Briggs and her companion caught up with Gingerich near his home, but he got away, hitting their vehicle in the process. By the time police caught up with him he had crashed the vehicle outright, and, injured, fled on foot. The accident hurt the two passengers in the other car enough that they were sent to the hospital. Gingerich was picked up pretty quickly by police, still holding the keys to Briggs’ car.

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