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Accused Murderer Wore Dead Lover’s Genitals on Wrists

Renato Seabra

Renato Seabra

Former underwear model and reality show star Renato Seabra, 21, of Portugal is on trial in New York for the January 2011 murder of his fashion photographer lover Carlos Castro, 65, also of Portugal. It seems that the relationship was going well at first, and that Seabra was happy to let his older lover lavish him with gifts, money and trips, as well as introduce Seabra to contacts who would help the young man’s career. It seems that in December 2010 they were still very much in love, but soon after it was obvious to one witness that they were fighting. Wanda Pires, a good friend of Castro’s, met the two men for dinner and testified that something was wrong. Of the couple that had been publicly spoon feeding each other just a month earlier, Pires said, “They were both mad, with a face,” she said. “They both looked upset. I could see there was some type of friction there.” It seems that Castro had caught Seabre with a group of young women. According to Pires the young man attempted to sooth the older man’s mood by offering him candies, ordering wine and making toasts throughout the meal, but it didn’t seem to help. Castro later told her that the two had fought, and that he “Was getting afraid of Renato.” Pires continued saying, “Renato was saying I’m not gay anymore.” Pires also testified that he told the victim that he would rather play with himself that be with him. ” Castro planned to end the affair and return to Portugal a week early.

Prosecutors argue that when Seabra realized that he was getting hoisted off the gravy train, and would have to promote his modeling career on his own, he snapped, beating Castro to death and castrating him with a corkscrew. Castro was found dead and mutilated in their room in Manhattan’s InterContinental Hotel. According to his attorney, Renato was found at St. Luke’s hospital after wandering the streets wearing his lover’s testicles touching people saying that he could cure aids, “He did this for his protection. He could also harness the power. He wandered the streets of Manhattan, touching people, because he had the power to cure people from AIDS, because he had the power to cure them.” He reportedly believed that God told him to remove the “virus” of homosexuality by removing Castro’s testicles. “The world is a better place,” Seabra reportedly told detectives after the murder. The trial in ongoing.

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