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Unsolved Murder Spotlight: Deanna Cremin

Deanna Cremin. Family photo.

In 1995, Deanna Cremin was a 17-year-old high school student in Somerville, Mass.  She volunteered at the local public access TV station, had a job at a supermarket, and worked with third graders at a child development program.  On March 29, Deanna went out to meet her boyfriend.  When she wasn’t home by 10 p.m., her mother tried her pager to no avail.  The boyfriend told police he’d walked her halfway home then turned around, like he often did.  The next morning, two children Deanna often babysat found her body behind a senior housing complex at 125 Jacques Street — one block away from her home. She was nearly naked and lying face up. An autopsy revealed she’d been strangled. No charges were ever filed in this case, despite police having quickly identified three persons of interest: Deanna’s boyfriend, a firefighter in his 30s said to be obsessed with her, and another adult man.

Deanna’s family is offering a reward for information leading to an arrest. Every year, they put up a billboard with the quote, ”You know what you did to me. How much longer must I wait! Please help make my time in heaven restful.” A corner near where Deanna lived — and where her body was found — was dedicated to her.

Anyone with information regarding Deanna Cremin’s killer is encouraged to call the Somerville Police Department at 617-625-1600. 

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