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Man Returns from Prison to Find Dead Wife’s Mummified Remains

A Spaniard identified only as Eduardo R., reportedly returned from a stint in prison to his Ciempozuelos home, near Madrid, only to find the mummified body of his wife, Angeles Fernandez, waiting for him. The man apparently became concerned in September 2011, when he hadn’t heard from her for a year. He notified authorities, as did neighbors complaining on several occasions about a foul odor. Both the town police and the Civil Guard petitioned a judge to enter the home. According to local authorities, the judge denied all such requests due to reports of Fernandez’ last known physical appearance, “The lack of hygiene … (of) Angeles Fernandez, on the last occasions that she was seen, were evident and so it was not ruled out that these smells were produced by lack of hygiene inside the home.” The husband, who was paroled from prison in early October went straight to her home, broke down the door and discovered Fernandez’ body. According to the government of Ciempozuelos, even Eduardo R. didn’t have any right to enter the dwelling, “since he did not have a relationship with his wife.” It is hoped that Eduardo R. doesn’t wind up back in prison for fixing the local magistrate’s shortsighted mistake.

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