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Assault Charge for Teen Allegedly Caught on Tape Punching Bus Driver

Michael Cubie Jr., 18. Police photo.

Last week, police in Kansas City, Mo., released a video showing a male teenager sucker punching a bus driver, knocking him unconscious. Police have arrested a suspect in the case — Michael Cubie Jr., 18, has been charged with assault with intent to commit bus hijacking, a class C felony, and misdemeanor assault. According to Missouri state law, the felony charge is defined as ”intimidation, threat, assault or battery toward any driver, attendant or guard of a bus so as to interfere with the performance of duties.”

Police say Cubie and five other young men boarded the bus without paying. When the driver, 54-year-old Jeffrey Park told them to leave after riding a few blocks, the teens filed off the bus. Cubie, last in line to exit the bus, is allegedly seen on surveillance footage punching Park in the face. Park was knocked momentarily unconscious and suffered a cut lip. He was treated by medics who arrived at the scene.

Two witnesses from the group Cubie was with told police that before leaving the bus, Cubie told them he was going to punch the driver. All five witnesses identified Cubie in a line-up, Fox Kansas City reports.


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