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Update: Police Seek More Answers in Case of Son Mistaken for Robber

Update: Trying to determine what caused Tyler Giuliano to sneak around outside his home at one o’clock in the morning, armed and masked, police have requested access to the youth’s computer and phone. His parents, seeking the same answers, are cooperating with police.

Though the boy’s reasons for his actions that night are still a mystery, Giuliano’s attorney, Gene Zingaro, has outlined the factors motivating his client on the night of September 28, 2012. According to Zingaro, when Giuliano got the call from his sister next door saying that there was someone breaking in next door, he didn’t know whose house was being broken into, and feared that it could have been his own. Also, Zingaro told reporters, “Weighing heavily on his mind was the fact that there was a forced entry rape a day or two before in New Fairfield.” Zingaro added, “In my estimation, Jeff Giuliano felt like he had happened upon maybe the same intruder.” Zingaro believes that Giuliano feared for his life, and fired in self-defense.

Tyler Giuliano

Tyler Giuliano

Man Discovers Robber He Killed Was Actually His Son

Connecticut teacher Jeffrey Giuliano received a call from his sister, who lives next door, around 1 a.m. on September 28, 2012, about a someone breaking in to the house next door. So, gun in hand, he went outside and took a look around. He told police that a man armed with a knife, wearing an anorak and carrying a shiny object, lunged at him, and that he fired at least four times. It took a few hours to confirm, but Giuliano was told, to his horror, that the man he had killed was none other than Tyler Giuliano, 15, his adoptive son. Tyler and his sister were adopted by the Giulianos, who have three children of their own, when their biological father went to prison four years ago. Giuliano met the boy through his job at school, and adopted Tyler and his sister to keep them from going to an orphanage. Tyler was reportedly not a troubled teen, and has no criminal record.

Giuliano’s attorney, Gene Zingaro, reportedly arrived at the scene shortly after the shooting, to find Giuliano in shock and vomiting, “He was in disbelief and a state of shock.” According to Zingaro, Giuliano had reason to fear that the man he had killed was his son, based on some unstated reasons, and the fact that his son was apparently missing at the time. The Giuliano family has reportedly been cooperating with police from the beginning, allowing police to search their home without obtaining a warrant, and issuing a signed statement to police. Zingaro concluded saying, “In my opinion, Mr. Giuliano will not be charged with any type of offense.”

State police are continuing with their investigation, and have so far not made an arrest.

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