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Update: Tonopah Body Parts Identified

Update: The body part found in Tonopah, Ariz., have been identified as belonging to Carl Frederich Bonz, 32, of Goodyear, and investigators no longer suspect foul play. The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office has not released any further information on Bonz’ death or how his body parts wound up strewn around the canal.

In Port Aurthur, Texas, investigators are are baffled and believe they may never be able to determine which medical waste service dumped amputated body parts in the city landfill late last month.

Human Body Parts Found in Tonopah and Port Arthur

Map with Tonopah, Ariz., and Port Arthur, Texas, locators.

Map with Tonopah, Ariz., and Port Arthur, Texas, locators. Click map to enlarge view.

Human body parts were reportedly found on October 1, 2012, in Tonopah, Ariz., according to Christopher Hegstrom, a spokesman for the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. Hegstrom told reporters that, initially, two severely decomposed, skeletal legs and a torso were found in an along the Tonopah irrigation canal by some workers. “We have found the parts of an entire body,” Hegstrom continued, spread out over about a mile area. The Sheriff’s office is investigating the unidentified find as a suspicious death, at least until they can learn more about the remains, which have clearly been there for some time.

Authorities in Port Arthur, Texas, found human body parts inside the city’s landfill on September 28, 2012, after landfill workers alerted authorities to the bag of “lower extremities” that was likely dumped that morning. According to Police Major Raymond Clark, the 15 body parts, feet and legs, were not the result of foul play, but are “obviously” medical waste, the result of “legitimate medical procedures,” amputations, which is not much consolation given that that only reason they were found is that the bag ripped open. There is really no way to know how many more such bags made it to the landfill undetected. Police are trying to determine which facility is responsible for the medical waste, because by law it should have been incinerated, or properly buried, not dumped.

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