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VIDEO: Cop Tickets Woman for Not Revealing HIV+ Status

On a dashboard cam video recorded during an August 3 traffic stop, Dearborn, Mich., police officer David Lacey is heard talking to Shalandra Jones and a male driver after pulling them over. Everything goes smoothly until Lacey asks about a bottle of prescription pills he found while searching Jones’s purse. Jones responds by telling Lacey that she’s HIV positive. Upon hearing this news, Lacey tells Jones she should have told him sooner, adding that while “digging through [her] purse,” he could have been “stuck with one of [her] earrings or something like that.” He then issues Jones and the driver a traffic citation for not revealing her HIV status.

The Dearborn police department is now conducting HIV and AIDS training for all employees. Jones is working with Detroit Legal Services, who issued a statement saying that they are “working to ensure that Jones is protected to the fullest extent of  the law.”

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