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Investigation Reveals Inmates Were Sent to Store for Food and Beer

Map with American Samoa locator.

Map with American Samoa locator. Click map for enlarged view.

After a routine toss of an inmate’s cell in July at American Samoa’s Territorial Correctional Facility turned up a beer, authorities began to scrutinize all of the comings and goings of jail personnel. Their increased vigilance paid off when they discovered that the guards were letting inmates out to go on food and beer runs for each other and the guards at a nearby store. Of particular interest was the fact that one inmate that was sent on these unsupervised runs, was serving 40 months for an assault with a machete. Another inmate told investigators that he had gone out to the store, bought a beer for another inmate and chips and cookies for a guard named Rocky Tua. The investigation ultimately focused on Tua and another guard, Fiti Aina. They were arrested and charged this week with aiding the escape of a prisoner, permitting escape and acceding to corruption as public servants. Bail was set at $10,000 each. Since American Samoa only has the one jail, we can assume that Aina and Tua are being held there, without beer, cookies or chips.

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