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Woman Who Bit Off Boyfriend’s Testicles Back in Court

Maria Topp

Maria Topp

UK woman Maria Topp, who made headlines in February 2011 for biting off her boyfriend’s scrotum in a drunken domestic brawl, is back in the news again, this time for violating a restraining order. Top was sentenced to probation for the attack on Martin Douglas, and a no-contact order was issued against her. The Daily Mail reports that after a couple of “chance” encounters, Topp texted Douglas asking, “Do you still love me?” She told the court that Douglas wanted to rekindle the troubled on-again-off-again affair. According to prosecutors, at that time, March 2012, Douglass did in fact want to terminate the protection order against her, ‘There appears to have been an attempt by Mr. Douglas to lift the terms of the restraining order but that was not pursued.”

Their passion, however, was brief, and they ended it after an argument on June 28, 2012. Topp said that the next thing she knew, the police were at her door with a warrant for her arrest, “I was arrested and charged with harassment and breaching my order. I never thought he would do something like this. It is a stab in the back. People think I am some sort of savage because of the testicle thing but I’m not that sort of person.” Of the testicle thing she simply says, “I can’t remember biting off his testicles.”

Topp’s lawyer, Elizabeth Dunbar, said that according to the terms of the protection order, Topp thought that she could not contact Douglas “without reasonable excuse,” but, she conceded, Topp had contacted Douglass with the text. Dunbar added, “It is fair to say he invited this to happen by having a relationship. When the relationship ended he contact police, and that does seem very unfair.” Topp was fined £150 and ordered to an additional pay £15 a week out of the £40.50 a week she receives for unemployment.

Douglas, who managed to escape this brief romantic interlude with Topp unscathed, had no comment.

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