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Sheriff’s Deputy Spends Wedding Night in Jail

Kevin Meyer. Photo: Harris County Jail.

The Houston wedding of Kevin Meyer and his bride Raquel Gonzalez got a bit rowdy Saturday night and ended with the arrest of Meyer and a friend, both Harris County, Tex., Sheriff’s deputies.

The wedding was being held at¬†SPJST Lodge, with two plainclothes deputy constables working security. When the festivities got out of control, the lodge manager stopped serving alcohol and asked that the party be shut down. That’s when cops say Meyer’s dad pushed one of the constables, thinking he was the offending manager. Gonzalez claims her new father-in-law merely put his hand on the man’s shoulder, not realizing he was a constable. When the constable told Meyer’s dad that he was going to be arrested for assaulting a peace officer, Meyer, 26, and his buddy, Christopher Lock, 32, allegedly got involved and were subsequently arrested. Lock, who police say refused to leave when told to do so, was charged with criminal trespassing. According to Gonzalez, Lock, a patrol officer, had called his own supervisor and was advised to stay. He is on administrative leave pending a Friday hearing. Meyer, an officer in the detention unit, was charged¬†with interfering with the duties of a public servant. He remains on duty and has a hearing Friday as well.


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