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Noteworthy Gunplay: Music Lovers and Wedding Guests

Surveillance still of the suspect in an Auburn Jack In The Box shooting.

Surveillance still of the suspect in an Auburn Jack In The Box shooting.

A customer who used the drive through window at an Auburn, Wa., Jack In The Box in the wee hours of the morning on September 28, 2012, is currently being sought by police. According to police, the clerk who took the order could not hear the customer over the loud music in the vehicle. The clerk asked him to turn it down, which did not sit well with the unidentified man, who is seen in the restaurant’s surveillance camera paying for and picking up his meal. After finishing the transaction he drives off, but not before firing a shot through the drive through window. Police believe he was still mad at having to turn down his music. The shot hit a wall and no one was hurt. Police have issued a description of the suspect: A heavy-set black male in his mid to late 20s, with a gap between his teeth. He was driving a purple Ford Explorer with significant front-end damage at the time, and was with a companion.

In Russia, lawmakers are calling for the arrest of members of a wedding party that, led by a red Ferrari, fired celebration shots out their car windows while driving down one of the city’s main streets not far from the Kremlin. It seems that firing off shots to celebrate an occasion is customary in the Caucasus, however, the same behavior in Moscow will get you cited for hooliganism. Some lawmakers want the offense of randonly firing your weapong out of sheer joy to be punishable with a jail sentence. In this case the wedding guests were merely fined.

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