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Husband Arrested for Threats Made With Blow Torch, Axe

Richard Armstrong

Richard Armstrong

Minneapolis man Richard Armstrong, 40, found out on September 17, 2012, that his wife had started divorce proceedings against him. He apparently decided that he wanted to talk to her when she got home, probably a good move, but it seems that while waiting for her he got really drunk, not a good move. According to police, when his wife got home, Armstrong was still saying that he wanted to “talk,” but he was sitting on the steps holding a two sided axe at the time. She convinced him to put down the axe and let her inside with the children. Once inside she called 911, and returned outside to talk.

Armstrong however, produced a lit blowtorch and, axe in hand, chased her with it. Luckily, she managed to get herself and the children safely to the car. Police were able to arrest Armstrong after a bit of a scuffle, and charge him with one felony count of making terroristic threats. He reportedly told them that he was so intoxicated that he doesn’t remember the incident. If convicted, Armstrong faces up to five years in prison.

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