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Poachers Sedate, Kill Tiger in Zoo

Last Friday David Villalobos leapt nearly to his death from a Bronx Zoo elevated train into the tiger enclosure in order “to be one with the tiger.” He was badly mauled, but managed to survive. Meanwhile a zoo in northeastern India suffered the loss of a tiger when poachers entered the zoo in Arunachal Pradesh, the capital of Itanagar, while guards were at dinner. reports that the poachers broke in to the zoo, tranquilized a female tiger, age 6, then proceeded to hack her into six pieces, which they abandoned when interrupted by the returning guards. Tiger parts are a huge commodity in East Asia and China, where the different parts of their bodies, like “bones, eyes, whiskers and teeth,” are believed to have medicinal value in the treatment of anything “from insomnia and malaria, to meningitis and bad skin.”

In addition to tiger parts, deer genitals, and even human tissue have been touted in China as having beneficial healing powers.

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