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A Killer Cure for the Hiccups

Spc. Patrick Edward Myers

Spc. Patrick Edward Myers

According to police in Killeen, Texas, Fort Hood soldier Spc. Patrick Edward Myers was watching football with his buddy on Sunday night, when his friend got the hiccups. It is important to note that the two had been drinking. Myers got the bright idea to try scaring the hiccups out of his friend, which, as woefully misguided as that is, is not unusual for friends, both drunk and sober, to do. They just don’t usually use a loaded firearm.

According to the arrest affidavit, Myers held his side arm to his friend’s head, allegedly thinking that there were dummy rounds in it, and pulled the trigger. It turned out that there were live rounds in it.. Now Myers’ friend, who is dead, no longer has the hiccups. So in a way, the cure did work, but Myers was arrested anyway, and bail set at $1 million. Authorities are waiting to release the victim’s name pending notification of kin.

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