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Woman Attacks Man With Hammer During Sex; Couple Charged for Loud Sex

Walmart adult French maid costume

Walmart adult French maid costume.

On September 19, 2012, neighbors of William L. Wofford, 51, saw a woman, dressed in a French maid’s costume, run out of his home. She fell, scraped her knees, got up and just kept on running. The woman was later identified by police as April Dawn Peters of Cosby, Tenn. Peters had been wearing the costume, purchased at Walmart, while having sex with Wofford in his living room. According to police, she picked up a hammer during sex and bashed Wofford on the head with it at least five times before running out of the home. She was arrested around 10:30 p.m. and charged with aggravated assault. There was no mention of her motive.

In Australia last month an Adelaide couple got into trouble after neighbors complained to police, 20 times in a 30-day period, about the absurdly loud noises they made during sex. How loud were they? So loud that they actually woke the neighbors in the middle of the night. One neighbor told the Daily Mail, that “it was quite loud and they sounded very obscene.”

Police first tackled the problem by issuing a 72-hour order for Jessica Angel, 34, to cease “emanating any and all environmental nuisance” including “screaming, loud moaning, swearing and raised voices,” which in her case only happened during sex. That lasted about 48 hours. That’s when police rousted the sleeping couple from their bed, arrested and charged them under the Environmental Protection Act for noise pollution. Angel told reporters, “We exceeded the noise pollution to the point we were arrested and taken out of our own house and told we couldn’t have sex.” Her boyfriend, Colin MacKenzie, 45, reportedly added, “How can you live in a place where you can’t have sex? It’s ridiculous. Anyway, it’s mostly Jessie. … The sex goes from four to seven hours, five nights a week. I’ll probably die of a heart attack — she’s almost killing me.”

Adelaide police, who seem to want the public to see them as a fun-loving, pro-nookie police force, issued a statement saying, “We don’t want to be seen as the killjoy police because we’re certainly not. People have a right to privacy within their own home, but when their actions impact others police need to step in before a situation escalates.”

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