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Police: Man Hijacked Car to Drive Pregnant Girlfriend to Hospital

Robert Boudreaux, 31. Police photo.

When their car ran out of gas, 31-year-old Robert Boudreaux of Deltona, Fla., and his 22-year-old pregnant girlfriend started making their way to the hospital on foot. They walked for several miles, when the girlfriend became dehydrated and started bleeding. That’s when Boudreaux decided to take action. According to reports, he hailed a driver and asked for a ride to the hospital. When the driver refused, Boudreaux allegedly threatened to shoot him. As expected, the driver vacated his vehicle and handed it over to Boudreaux and his girlfriend. With deputies on his tail, Boudreaux swerved in and out of lanes and refused to pull over. The chase continued in the hospital parking lot until police cornered the vehicle.

The girlfriend was admitted to the hospital and no one was hurt, police reported. According to authorities, Boudreaux had two working cell phones on him, and the couple had passed a firestation on their trek to the hospital without asking for help. According to Florida police records, Boudreaux has a long history of arrests on charges including drug possession, domestic violence and burglary. This time, he’s charged with armed carjacking and refusing to pull over.

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