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Naked Man’s Activities Illustrate Important Rule in Meth Lab Security

Map of Mississippi with Lucedale locator.

Map of Mississippi with Lucedale locator.

A Lucedale, Miss., man seen dancing naked by the side of Ward Pineview Road around noon on September 23, 2012, was quickly called in to sheriff’s deputies. By the time Sgt. Wendell Garris and Deputy David Ray arrived at the scene, the man already had boogied on down into the woods. It being a small community, deputies had a pretty good idea of who they were dealing with and where he lived. So they went to his house about a half mile south. Though they did not find the prancing nudist, they did find what is presumed to have been the source of his celebratory mood: His meth lab. Deputies called in a hazmat team, who dismantled the working meth lab, which was housed in a toolbox.

According to George County Sherriff Dean Howell, his men “will dismantle every meth lab [they] find, and the owner of this lab probably didn’t realize dancing naked on the side of the road may bring him some unwanted attention if he is, indeed, who we think he is.” Just guessing, but our naked mystery perp probably won’t feel like dancing for a while.

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