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Jury Convicts Man for Orally Raping Baby to Death

Evelynne (inset) and Steven Deuman

Evelynne (inset) and Steven Deuman

Steven Deuman, 26, of Suttons Bay, Michgan, has been found guilty of the August 2011 murder of his daughter, Evelynne Deuman, 15 weeks old. The young father was charged with first-degree murder and aggravated sexual assault for suffocating his child during an oral rape. Deuman told police that he went out for a cigarette and when he returned to their mobile home, he found the baby lying on the floor unconscious, not breathing, bleeding from the nose, with a used condom in her mouth. DNA testing showed Deuman’s DNA on the inside of the prophylactic, and the child’s on the outside.

Deuman did not call 911, but called his wife and told her that the baby had choked on a condom. However, according to the prosecution, “This was no accident. She couldn’t roll over, much less crawl. … She certainly wasn’t capable of overcoming the obstacles on her bed, the pillows, to end up on the floor. Even if (she did), how is she going to suck that condom up?” Not only did jurors have to endure the disturbing evidence of this case, but they also heard testimony from witnesses describing how Deuman allegedly sexually abused them as children. Jurors took less than 30 minutes to convict. Deuman faces life in prison.

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