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Burger King Guy Causes Disturbance at McDonald’s

Similar man dressed as Burger King guy.

Similar man dressed as Burger King guy.

A McDonald’s in Rome, Georgia, was apparently targeted by a trouble maker dressed as none other than the Burger King guy, a character made famous by some of Burger King’s recent ad campaigns. The costumed and masked interloper reportedly entered the McDonald’s, and started handing out, of all things, free hamburgers. He also had his photo taken with several children, except the one, who, according to police, ran away in fear. When asked what he was doing by the manager, the unknown man reportedly said that he was collecting money for charity, though she said he collected none. He then left in his white Accura, but not before removing his mask. The manager described the suspicious character as a white, middle-aged man with dark hair. He is still at large.

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