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Drunken Man Threatens to Rape, Kill and Eat, Well, Just About Everyone

Christopher Warner

Christopher Warner

Christopher Warner, 22, a regular customer at the Rusty Barrel in Westlake, Ohio, had had more than enough to drink when he left the sports bar early September 14, 2012, got into his car, floored it, and hit the building so hard he punched a hole through it with the front end of his car. According to witness Collen Lazar, “It went through the wall.  You could see through from the inside to the outside.” Warner managed to leave the scene and make it home, before police caught up with him, arresting him for DUI and leaving the scene of an accident.

That’s when it got weird.

Westlake Police Captain Guy Turner said that Warner resisted officers and “threatened to rape their female relatives.” Warner reportedly got so angry he literally had a seizure before passing out long enough to be rushed to St. John Medical Center in Westlake. Once awake, he bit the nurse and broke her finger. Then Warner proceeded to threaten medical staff saying he was going to rape, kill and eat their relatives. Finally he ripped out his IV and spit blood at everyone. At that point it was pretty obvious that he had to be placed in restraints an kept overnight for observation. Hospital staff was probably thrilled to have him.

Warner’s behavior at the hospital garnered him additional charges of driving under suspension, and felony assault for his attack on the nurse.

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