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Man Takes a Stand Against Drugs — By Abusing Animal?

Michael Jones

Michael Jones

Sanford, Fla., man Michael Wayne Jones, 42, became infuriated on August 13, 2012, when his live-in girlfriend and her daughter jumped in the car with their dog, allegedly to go smoke some crack. According to the girlfriend Jones “freaked out,” threatened to kill her dog, ran to the car, pulled out the dog, slammed the door so hard that he jammed it shut, and punched out the windshield for good measure. Jones, who was reportedly not on crack, then began swinging the dog in the air. The victim said he shoved her to the ground when she tried to help the terrified animal. Jones then hit her repeatedly with her own dog, before attempting to strangle her. The attack ended as suddenly as it began, with Jones releasing the victim, and fleeing on a bicycle with the dog.

When police tracked him down, Jones accused his girlfriend of attacking him, saying he fled for his safety, but witnesses, and red marks on her neck, confirmed that Jones had been the aggressor. Sanford Police Lt. Jim McAuliffe commented on the case saying, “I’ve never actually seen someone use a dog as a weapon before. An owner will sic a dog on someone to bite them, but to use it as some sort of club device…I just don’t get that.”

Jones was arrested and charged with domestic violence battery by strangulation, criminal mischief and tormenting an animal. Their is no mention of the breed of the dog or of any injuries it may have sustained in the attack.

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