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Man Stole Own Car, Drove It Into Pond, Say Police

Donald Smith II. Police photo.

A car repair shop owner in New Castle, Del., called police and reported that his fence had been destroyed and a 1999 Chevy pickup was gone. A surveillance tape showed the truck being scooped up and taken away by a front-end loader. When the owner of Stop-N-Go repairs called the truck’s owner, Donald Smith II, 30, police say Smith confessed that he stole his own vehicle. Smith, police say, didn’t pay Stop-N-go the repair fee he owed, so he had to resort to other means of getting his truck back.

When cops spotted Smith driving the front-end loader with the pickup in tow, they tried to pull him over. Smith then allegedly led them on a chase that lasted over a half hour and ended with Smith drove into a pond. He then got out of the vehicle and swam to shore, where state police arrested him. He is charged with theft and trespass. He was released after postingĀ $5,750 bail.

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