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Car Vandalized by Spelling-Challenged Vandal

Map of Pennsylvania with York locator.

Map of Pennsylvania with York locator.

A woman in York, Pa., awoke on September 15, 2012, to find that an unknown person had vandalized her SUV with spray paint. The letters LK were painted on both sides of the vehicle, there was a crown painted on the passenger side and what the York Dispatch described as “an undistinguishable design on the hood.” There was also an insult written on the driver-side door. She was upset about it, sure, but the words probably didn’t have quite the intended impact. The vandal wrote “bicth.” Maybe next time he should just draw a picture. Actually, given how botched his drawing on the hood was, maybe next time he should just give it up altogether.

The suspect, who also stole her motorcycle, which was later recovered, is still at large. Maybe police in York will ultimately catch this perp the same way Vermont police caught Adam Hall in November 2001. Hall was suspected of keying the word “SULT” into his ex’s car, but police weren’t sure he was their man until they asked him to write “you are a slut” on a piece of paper. He wrote “you are a sult,” and was arrested and charged with unlawful mischief.

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