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Police: Alleged Carjacker Threatened Teen Victim With HIV Needle

Scott Steverding, 30. Police photo.

Police in Massachusetts say a teenage driver was forced out of her car at needlepoint — and not the embroidery kind. Scott Steverding, 30, has been indicted on charges of armed carjacking for allegedly threatening a 17-year-old girl with a needle he said was contaminated with HIV. The alleged August 14 incident took place outside a CVS pharmacy in Waltham. Police say the girl was parked when Steverding approached her and pointed the needle at her through an open window, telling her to vacate her car. The victim did, and Steverding, who is reportedly homeless, allegedly drove away with her phone and wallet. He was arrested the next day. Said District Attorney Gerry Leone, ”This defendant allegedly threatened and assaulted a young woman during this brazen attack in a busy store parking lot in the middle of the day, stealing her car and her belongings, with the threat of infecting her with a potentially fatal virus. I applaud the work of the Waltham and Cambridge Police to apprehend the suspect quickly.”

Steverding, who was identified using CVS surveillance footage, is also a suspect in an armed robbery that took place at a Getty gas station the day before the incident. In addition to the armed carjacking charge, Steverding is charged with armed robbery, unarmed robbery and assault with a dangerous weapon. He is being held without bail.

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