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Man Arrested for Stealing Neighbor’s Sex Toys

Charles Bush

Charles Bush

A Greeley, Colo., woman began what can only be described as a journey to the Land of Weird, when on August 29, 2012, she returned home to find that her house had been broken into and a strange pair of binoculars had been left on the bed. Also, her lotions, and, according to Greeley Police, “personal care items” and “a large selection of sex toys,” were missing. Disturbing enough, but nothing compared to having your neighbor’s wife and daughter drop by to return them, well, not the sex toys, saying that they found them on the bed of husband and father Charles Tyrone Bush, 58. There is no mention of how the women knew to whom the lotions and “personal care items” belonged. Perhaps the victim wrote her name on them, or maybe this sort of thing happens a lot.

When police arrived to investigate the break-in, the woman told the officer what happened, and gave him photographs of the missing sex toys. Okay, that’s weird too, but since she was not arrested, we can assume that they were tastefully done. She added that she had found a strange pair of binoculars on her bed. Whether they were left behind by accident or on purpose, as an invitation to peep, is unknown, but Bush’s daughter helpfully identified them as a pair that she had seen in her family’s garage. The officer did find one of the missing sex toys in a backpack in Bush’s bedroom, but the others are still at large.

Bush was arrested on charges of second-degree burglary and misdemeanor theft. He is being held on a $35,000 bond. Court records indicate that Bush has a previous record for burglary, harassment, violation of a restraining order and assault.

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