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Police: Man Shot Two Horses While Showing Off Rifle

Kendrick Martinez Culp, 24. Police photo.

A South Carolina man is behind bars for allegedly shooting two horses — one fatally. According to deputies, Kendrick Martinez Culp, 24, was showing another man, known as “Juicy,” a .22 rifle when he shot a 12-year-old male horse and a 25-year-old female quarter horse, both of which belonged to another man.

The horses’ owner, Robert Wishert, 61, told police that when he went to go feed the animals later that day, he saw that his female horse had been shot three times, and then found the male horse dead by a creek. According to authorities, the horse had died from a single bullet that hit an artery close to his heart. The female horse was taken to a veterinarian and is reportedly expected to survive. Wishert said the horses “were always together.”

Witnesses told deputies they had seen Culp and “Juicy” shoot the horses. According to Chester County Sheriff Richard Smith, Culp had been trying to sell the rifle to “Juicy” and shot the horses to show off how well it worked. Culp is charged with two counts of animal cruelty. Police are still searching for “Juicy.”

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