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Body of Missing UC Davis Student Linnea Lomax Found

Linnea Lomax

Linnea Lomax

Volunteers searching for UC Davis student Linnea Lomax, 19, who was reported missing on June 26, 2012, turned up the badly decomposed remains of the missing honor student on September 7. The body was found in a heavily wooded area just north of Glenn Hall Park along the American River in Sacramento, Calif. The body was in an advanced state of decay, and was not immediately identifiable, nor was the cause of death, but on September 11┬áLinnea’s parents announced that she had hanged herself.

The young woman had been depressed about school and, after a breakdown, at the urging of her parents, had admitted herself to a mental-health facility for a week, before being released as an out-patient. That was the last anyone ever saw of Linnea until last Friday. Her devastated parents told the Sacramento Bee, “We feel the loss was unnecessary and unavoidable. We look forward to playing our part in change that saves lives.”

A Celebration of Life service for Linnea has been scheduled for noon on Sept. 22 at the Green Valley Church, 3500 Missouri Flat Road in Placerville.

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