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Scissor-Wielding Intruder Arrested Outside Miley Cyrus’ House

Miley Cyrus stunned everybody by shaving the sides of her head. Photo: Getty Images.

Early Saturday morning, police arrested an intruder who they say had scaled the fence surrounding Miley Cyrus’ Los Angeles home and tried to break in while holding a pair of scissors. Video obtained by TMZ shows the man, who identifies himself to police as Jason Rivera, hiding in the bushes on Cyrus’ property.

As he was being placed in a squad car, Rivera allegedly told police that he and the singer had been secretly married for years, and and that they “have been friends for five years.” In the video, he is seen wearing a large heart-shaped necklace.

Cyrus wasn’t home during the incident. Though it’s apparent that Rivera had a desperate need to see the 19-year-old superstar, the reason for the black-handled scissors in his pocket wasn’t explained. Perhaps he thought Miley’s “shocking” new haircut could use a few adjustments.

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