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Phoenix Serial Shooter Requests Speedy Execution

Dale Shawn Hausner

Dale Shawn Hausner

One of Phoenix’s Serial Shooters, Dale Hausner, 39, has, in a hand-written note, asked a judge to waive all future appeals of his death sentence. Referring to the court’s July 12, 2012, ruling to uphold Hausner’s death sentence, he wrote, “My mandatory direct appeal has been ruled on. I do not want any more appeals filed on my behalf by any of my legal team.” Hausner, who received six death sentences, one for each of his six murder convictions, went on to ask, “I want to be served with my death warrant and to be executed as soon as possible.” In the note he also refuses post-conviction relief representation, a move which he acknowledges will speed up his execution.

In the note Hausner reminds the court that he was found competent by two doctors, who each performed a psychological evaluation on him around the time of his trial. Both doctors found Hausner to be “of sound mind and fully capable of making decisions for myself.” None-the-less Hausner is scheduled to appear in Maricopa County court before Judge Roland Steinle on October 8 to discuss his competency to waive further appeals of his death sentences. He will have legal representation for the proceedings.

Hausner and his partner in crime, Samuel Dietemen, 37, were responsible for eight murders in the Phoenix area, and at least 29 additional shootings of people, animals and objects, between May 2005 and August 2006. Most of their victims were alone at night, between the hours of 10 p.m. and 4 a.m., and were chosen at random. The killers called their deadly game Random Recreational Violence. Dieteman was convicted of two murders in April, 2008, and sentenced to life in prison. Also convicted was Hausner’s brother, Jeff Hausner, 45, who was sentenced to 18 years in prison two non-fatal stabbings he committed while one of his brother’s murderous joyrides.

Feature Article: Random Recreational Violence, Phoenix’s Serial Shooters

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