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Midwife Charged With Abuse in Complicated Birth

Jessica Weed, 34. Police photo.

An Albuquerque midwife is facing charges of child abuse after police say she tried to hide her involvement in a complicated labor she assisted. Jessica Weed, 34, allegedly assisted a home birth on August 28, during which the newborn, who was born feet-first, suffered a subdural hematoma and bleeding retinas. The mother developed an infection because the placenta was not delivered in its entirety, states the criminal complaint against Weed.

Authorities say the family phoned Weed after the birth, and were told that they didn’t need follow-up care. When they went to the hospital on August 30, Weed allegedly asked them not to reveal her involvement with the birth. She was arrested on charges of child abuse and released on bond.

On her website,, Weed says she is a  Licensed and Certified Professional Midwife (LM, CPM) and offers a variety of services for expecting families. Her “Midwifery Package” includes a homebirth or waterbirth, birth photography, homebirth doula care, and post-natal care at a cost of $2800. Weed also offers belly casts and placenta encapsulation. In her bio section, she writes, “I had a literal calling to midwifery. One morning, during a time when I was struggling to find my path in life, I awoke to an actual audible whisper. ‘Midwife.’”

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